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Chelsea’s Antonio Conte Still Hanging Tight with the Team Post Watford Defeat

In light of Chelsea’s deplorable defeats on the spin, including the 4-1 loss at Watford and the Bournemouth collapse, Chelsea’s team manager Antonio Conte may be dismissed prior to the end of the football season. With a few more games before the season ends, a third consecutive loss for Chelsea may move Conte’s exit from the team earlier than anticipated.

The Chelsea coach has privately acknowledged that he will not be Chelsea’s manager next season but still has hesitations from walking away from the team. He has revealed that he would rather have owner Roman Abramovich to make the final decision regarding his stay.

Questionable Coaching Methods

There are 18 months left in Conte’s current £9million-a-year contract. If he gets sacked before the season ends, lucrative compensation will be set in place. Aside from his career being placed in the spotlight, Conte’s players are slowly coming out regarding his harsh coaching methods, which the player has grown quite tired of.

Coaching methods that bring about tension among the team include tediousness and monotony, as well as the erratic behavior and bad moods of Conte. Chelsea’s football manager also has a reputation for pushing his players past their breaking point with players privately releasing statements saying they how intensive training lead to experiencing fatigue more than usual.

This just goes to show that Chelsea players are constantly being overworked from Conte’s training schedules. These complaints prompted Conte to give his players three days off for some downtime for him and the players to reevaluate their performance. Chelsea’s next game against West Brom will not be until next Monday.

Conte’s Future in the Hands of Abramovich

Conte’s departure from the team is not news to Chelsea’s board and officials. They still favor for Conte to leave until the end of the current campaign. Despite the unrest from officials and players, Conte still gets enough credit for Chelsea remaining in the FA Cup and Champions League. This, of course, doesn’t change the fact that the fate of Chelsea is still up to the team’s performance next Monday, which will also dictate the course of Conte’s career.

Conti’s remaining length of coaching will depend on when Abramovich will be able to find Conte’s replacement. Plausible replacements include Barcelona’s former manager, Luis Enriquez, Thomas Tuchel who use to coach Borussia Dortmund and Napoli’s manager Maurizio Sarri respectively.

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Chelsea’s Antonio Conte Still Hanging Tight with the Team Post Watford Defeat

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