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FAM Inspects Why Bukit Jalil Stadium Overcrowded with Fans

There was an overflowing amount of fans during the first leg of the Malaysia-Vietnam match at the Bukit Jalil Stadium. The Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) has been taking measures to find out what kept the company from being overcrowded. It was reported that even fans that have purchased tickets for the match weren’t permitted to enter the stadium.

FAM’s secretary general Stuart Ramalingam made a statement last Wednesday said “We will investigate as many are speculating about it on social media. And this is tarnishing our image and also raising matters pertaining safety issues.”

They claimed to look into the matter more intently to see what logistical error took place in the ticketing process. FAM will be working closely with local authorities to look more into the matter as to why there were more fans in the stadium than the number of sold tickets.

There were normally 6,000 seats allocated at the stadium but the Vietnam Football Federation insisted on only having 3,500 seats. “But judging from the attendance, there were probably more than expected, and we will investigate from where the additional tickets came from” according to FAM’s secretary general, Ramalingam.

Source: w88malays

FAM Inspects Why Bukit Jalil Stadium Overcrowded with Fans

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