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Transferring Money from Main Account to Game Wallet

The key to playing your money’s worth in w88malays is following proper monetary transactions. Knowing how to properly transfer money to the main wallet in your w88 account is necessary when playing games. All games in w88 are grouped in different wallets on your w88 account.

Depositing money into your main wallet is the second step after registering for a w88 account. This article aims to help new members and teach them how to complete the third step after depositing money to their main wallet.

The third step after registration and depositing money to the main account is to transfer funds from the main wallet to the game wallet of preference. There are only three steps to remember when conducting a funds-transfer.

3 Steps to Know When Transferring Money from Main to Game Wallet

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STEP 1: Go to Funds à Transfer in your account settings

Click on the “Fund $” on the uppermost right corner of the homepage. Select the third subcategory and click on “Transfer”.

Once you’ve been directed to your account, locate your Main wallet on the leftmost part of the page. That is where you will be pulling money from to transfer to the wallet of the game you wish to play.

STEP 2: Select your Main Wallet and Wallet You Wish to Transfer Money into

The deposit slip is located on the bottom of the page. Click the arrow down button beside the “Transfer from” option and select “Main”.

Click the arrow down button beside the “Transfer from”.  Click the arrow down button beside the “Transfer from” option and select which game you wish to transfer money to.

Type in the amount you wish to transfer and click “Submit” when you’re finished.

STEP 3: Wait for the Transaction Notification at the bottom of the screen

The last step in ensuring you have a successful funds-transfer transaction is to wait for the confirmation of the funds-transfer. A notification will pop up at the bottom of the page and an updated version of your accounts.

Funds-Transfer Made Easy

Keeping track of your balance and knowing how to manage your money in your W88 account is necessary to effectively participate in all live casino, sportsbook and slot games of your choosing. Transferring money to your game of preference is made easy and accessible by W88malays.

All you have to do is be sure of the details you input as a player. When the need arises, compute the additions and deductions from your main balance. Do this to help you properly manage your funds with no careless error in the process. Deposit and play in w88 today!

>> Watch the tutorial video below on how to transfer money in W88

Transferring Money from Main Account to Game Wallet

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