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How to Withdraw Money from Your W88 Account

Once W88 has got players hooked and very much enthused with their live casino games and sports book, getting their winnings back is usually their next goal. W88 members can withdraw their winnings in three easy steps. This article aims to guide new and prospective members to figure out how to take back their winnings in the most efficient and effective way possible in just 5 minutes or less.

3 Step Withdrawal Process

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STEP 1: Transfer Amount for Withdrawal from the Game Wallet to Main Wallet

Players who deposit money into their W88 account will find their money credited to their main playing account. In order to play W88 poker, casino games, sports, keno and lottery among other, members must transfer money to the specific game wallet they prefer to play on.

When members wish to withdraw their winnings from a sub-account (game wallet), they must transfer their winnings in that specific sub-accounts to their main account. The process of transferring is simple and can be done as follows:



Before clicking “Submit” ensure you have clicked the right wallets and indicated the right amount you wish to transfer.


STEP 2: Fill in the W88 Withdrawal Order

Once the funds-transfer is successful, the second and last step is to fill in the withdrawal order with valid information. This includes very important banking details, make sure everything is legitimate. Keep in mind that if you enter invalid information, W88 will not proceed with any funds transfer to your account.

W88 will then reach out to you and ask to verify your account by sending a valid ID and bank statements. The process can be lengthy but is unnecessary as long you fill in the order with valid information.

STEP 3: Click “OK” and Wait for the Confirmation Notification

Convenient, Fast and Easy!

Withdrawing money from W88 is can be done in just 15 minutes maximum. All members have to do is to transfer funds and input valid information. Maximizing your gaming experience at W88 is always our W88’s number goal, make the most of your gameplay and withdraw your winnings today!

How to Withdraw Money from Your W88 Account

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